Egypt Tomb Scenes - Papyrus Art

Vibrant scenes from Egyptian tombs and ancient papyrus. Collect this screensaver and treat yourself to the beauty of ancient Egypt every day. Though the tombs may crumble with age, these 45 scenes will become immortal on your desktop. This collection of

Ancient Egypt Screen Saver

Amongst Ancient Egypt's uncovered texts are words of advice that still resonate today. This screen saver quotes some of these wisdom texts with images of Egypt's amazing monuments. The Sphinx, King Tut, and the gods all make an appearance.


The Secrets of Egypt 3D Screensaver  v.1.0.4

Travel to ancient Egypt with The Secrets of Egypt 3D Screensaver. Explore the secrets of the Great Pyramids now!

Egypt Screensaver  v.1

Our Egypt screensaver features a large selection of Egyptian imagery and brings them stylishly to your computer screen. Full screen high quality pictures are seamlessly and beautifully blended together to create a visually stunning screensaver.

Cradle of Egypt Collectors Edition  v.1.0

Embark on the most fascinating journey with Cradle Of Egypt game! Explore the lands of the Pharaohs and enjoy the most miraculous constructions in the entire history of human civilization in this extremely delightful match-3 puzzle game!

The Pyramids of Egypt 3D Screensaver  v.1.01.4

Travel to ancient Egypt with The Pyramids of Egypt 3D Screensaver. Explore the secrets of the Great Pyramids now!

Thieves of Egypt Solitaire  v.1.4.1

After arresting the forty thieves, you have received a mission to catch the fierce robbers haunting Egypt.

Egypt The Prophecy Part 1  v.1.0

Discover Ancient Egypt and follow Maia, a young sorceress sent by the Pharaoh himself to investigate the strange incidents that have recently been plaguing the building site of the Great Obelisk.

Slingo Quest Egypt  v.1.0

Travel to Egypt for some Slingo fun!

Pyramids of Egypt - Widescreen Screensaver  v.1.0

Steeped in cultural, political, and religious significance, the pyramids of Egypt will intrigue the world for all time. Pyramids of Egypt - Widescreen Screensaver presents 53 images of the pyramids of Egypt in widescreen (1680x1050) format.

Ashley Jones: The Heart of Egypt  v.

After the installation is done, you will be able to configure general options like music, sound and screen view, but you will also be able to configure high details, hints and customization of the cursor.

Egypt News  v.

This is a simple app that aggregates news about Egypt as well as tweets from Twitter. The app features a live tile to keep you up to date on the latest news. * check 'about' page for what's new

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